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T.P. Testimonial

“I have entrusted my investments to David for many years now. He has a refined business acumen and a firm understanding of the global investment markets. I have complete confidence in David and I recommend him to you unequivocally and without hesitation. Thank you, David for your professionalism and dedication to my portfolio.”

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,


M. & J.R. Testimonial

“Over the years we have had several Financial Advisors, by far the one who has provided the greatest personal service with sound financial management has been David Feldberg. We look upon David as not only our financial advisor but as a friend. We meet with David on a quarterly basis to review & make changes to our portfolio (as required) based on his sound advice. Thank you David.”

M. & J.R.

C.G. Testimonial

“As a nervous novice, I have relied on David’s financial advice for the past 20 years. After all this time, I still depend on him as I begin my retirement and have come to consider him a friend.

His recommendations have always taken my financial security into account and I have never been disappointed.”


C. and R.F. Testimonial

“Over the years, David has been providing us with investment products and services which are key information to our RRSP's, future retirement income, life insurance, pension income etc. David has given us good advice and excellent feedback by finding the time to talk to us on a regular basis. Personally, David is easy to talk to when giving evaluation on our investments, and on the status of our family. The newsletters that he sends out to his clients are very informative as he is always working to raise the profile of working investments to all clients of all ages.”

C. and R.F.

M. and L. G. Testimonial

“Our affiliation with David goes back many years. It began in 1993 upon our arrival in Ottawa from Toronto. In all the years since then, David has looked after our specific financial service needs in a highly skilled and professional manner.

He has guided us through a number of severe market downturns, including the current one. Each time ensuring we were adequately well diversified, with good products, to weather these storms.

Whenever we have a concern or question David is always there to answer or help in any way he can. We appreciate his caring and expertise and never hesitate to refer him to people we know.”

M. and L. G.

L.C., CMA. Testimonial

“I met David nearly 20 years ago and have been forever thankful for the recommendation. David started our family out with the basics of investments, insurance and educational plans and guided us through enriching it as we proceeded down the road of life. When the road threw the family a curve and we lost a husband and father, David was at my side, taking care of what ever he could and more than he needed to professionally, with a gentle hand and a voice of concern, guidance and encouragement. I look forward to meeting with David on a yearly basis, even and maybe more so when the markets are not at their best.”

L.C., CMA.

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