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Technological Environment

To make the work of its advisors easier, Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network created Webi, a "virtual office" for its advisors. This extranet, which is our advisors main tool, has in fact won our network a number of awards. This includes, the Bell Special Award for a company's use of new information technology, which it received at the 2002 Mercuriades Awards.

Webi is a virtual information centre that is constantly being updated - a storehouse of information for advisors. It allows them to:

  • view their clients' life insurance, annuity, mutual fund and segregated fund portfolios;
  • access personal e-mail;
  • access their commission statements;
  • get constant interest rate and rate of return updates;
  • retrieve relevant information about products and markets;
  • view the latest materials and tools to fine-tune their service offerings (i.e.: sales concepts and various advertising materials such as folders, kits, etc.);
  • access forms and specimen contracts;
  • access to the network's news.

In addition, a help desk is available to answer questions from advisors or to assist them when they are experiencing system problems.

Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. (DFS Investments) is a corporate body separate and apart from Desjardins Insurance1.

DFS Investments is a mutual fund dealer registered in every Canadian province and Territory and an exempt market dealer registered in Quebec. It is also registered in every Canadian province and territory for the distribution of insurance products. DFS Investments' advisors may be qualified to provide advice on mutual funds, exempt market products and other investments products, among other things. 

In Quebec, DFS Investments is also registered as a restricted dealer, a group insurance of persons and a financial planning firm. 

Unless otherwise indicated, investments in products distributed by DFS Investments are not insured, in whole or in part, by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by another public deposit insurance fund, as the case may be, nor are they guaranteed, in whole or in part, by Desjardins Insurance1, and their value is subject to market fluctuations. 

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1Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company, a provider of life and health insurance and retirement savings products. ​

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